Armory SP​

A powerful blend of beneficial bacteria to maximize plant vigor

Armory SP is a blend of powerful Bacillus and Streptomyces beneficial microbes that are all scientifically proven to promote  enhanced roots, vigor and yield. Each microorganism has its own unique function that compliments the entire group and provides maximum aid to the plant.

Armory SP is a high concentration of several select beneficial plant bacteria.

Armory SP is a OMRI® Certified Product. You can review the certification from the download link here.


All fruits & vegetables, tree fruit & nuts, potatoes, row crops, herbs, spices and other outdoor agriculture production crops.

Armory is a natural and organic fertilizer that enhances the growth and quality of your crops. It is suitable for use on all fruits and vegetables, tree fruit and nuts, potatoes, row crops, herbs, spices and other outdoor agriculture production crops. It contains beneficial microorganisms that improve the soil health and nutrient availability. It also helps to prevent diseases and pests by boosting the plant’s immunity. Our product is easy to apply and safe for the environment. It is the best choice for farmers who want to increase their yield and profit while protecting the environment.


1 - 8 oz per acre - Foliar Spray

2 – 8 oz per acre – Soil Drench

With Armory SP, there are two recommended ways to use it: foliar spray and soil drench. The appropriate amount for both methods is 8 oz per acre.

For those who prefer foliar spray, the recommended dose is to dissolve 8 oz of the product in a 100 gallons of water and apply it using a sprayer directly to the leaves of the plants. This method is generally faster and easily absorbed by the leaves.

Meanwhile, for those who opt for soil drench, they need to dissolve 8 oz of the product in 10-100 gallons of water and apply it around the root zone of the plant. This method is often used for plants with large root systems, as a soil application is better suited for its growth pattern.


Contains multiple beneficial plant bacteria. These powerful species of microorganisms are all scientifically proven plant yield and vigor promoting bacteria, each with its own unique function that compliments the entire group and provides maximum aid to the plant.

Armory SP is enriched with various beneficial plant bacteria that can enhance the growth and health of your plants. These bacteria are not randomly selected, but carefully chosen based on scientific evidence of their positive effects on plant performance. Each bacterium has a specific role to play in supporting the plant’s development, such as improving nutrient uptake, stimulating root formation, or protecting against diseases. Together, they form a synergistic team that provides optimal assistance to the plant.


Foliar Spray and Soil Drench: Use 1-2 teaspoons of product per gallon of water as general dilution.

Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench applications. Reapply every 1-8 weeks.

To nourish your plants with Armory SP, you can choose between two methods: spraying the leaves or watering the soil. For both methods, you need to dilute the product in water at a rate of one or two teaspoons per gallon. You can spray the diluted solution on the foliage of your plants or pour it on the soil around them. Depending on the needs of your plants, you can repeat this process every one to eight weeks.

Armory SP contains the following beneficial bacteria species

Armory SP is a high concentration of several select beneficial plant bacteria. These powerful species of Bacillus and Streptomyces are all scientifically proven plant growth, yield and vigor promoting bacteria, each with it’s own unique function that compliments the entire group and provides maximum aid to the plant.

Microbe Blend For Agriculture Production

In addition, Armory SP’s proprietary formulation provides a ready food source to the Bacillus and Streptomyces strains, allowing them to thrive in the environment and provide the maximum potential benefits to the plant.


The bacterial blend in Armory SP is formulated to increases nutrient cycling in the rhizosphere, this propriety formulation maximizing growth and yield.

Streptomyces are endophytic microorganisms, they colonize the roots of plants. They also play a key roll in nutrient cycling and produce a large set of beneficial secondary metabolites.

Armory SP is approved for use on:

Fruits & Fruiting Vegetables, Green Leafy Plants, Spices, Herbs & Medicinal Herbs, Tree Fruit & Nuts, Turf & Ornamentals, Cotton, Rice, Soy, Wheat, Corn,

…. and much more

Application Directions

Armory SP can be used as a drench, liquid feed, irrigation, spray or seed treatment. It is compatible with fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and biological stimulants. Armory SP is 100% soluble and does not need constant agitation to keep it suspended in a solution. It will not clog machinery.

Soil Drench

To ensure optimal results, we recommend that you use between 2 to 8 ounces of our premium-grade product per acre. This thoroughly tested and proven formula has been carefully developed to provide your crops with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive, even in the most challenging environments.

Foliar Spray

To effectively apply this product, it is recommended to use 1 to 8 ounces (depending on the severity of the issue) per 50-100 gallons of water per acre. It is important to evenly distribute the mixture to all areas of the foliage, ensuring that every inch is covered right up to the point of runoff. For best results, it is recommended to apply this product on a regular basis, every 7 to 14 days, depending on the specific needs of your foliage.

Hydroponics Systems

To ensure the best results, we recommend using between 1-4 teaspoons per gallon of water. It is important to note that this application rate should be repeated every time you change the nutrient solution in order to maintain optimal growth conditions for your plants.

Armory SP Label

Learn more detailed information by viewing the label close up. You can download a png graphic file of the product label.

Armory SP Brochure

Product information available as our brochure is formatted as 8″ x 11″ in full color. Contains detailed charts and graphs.

Armory SP SDS

The role of the material safety data sheet (MSDS), a key element of OSHA’s guidelines. Download is available as a pdf file.

Armory SP OMRI Certificate

Downloadable certificate for the OMRI Listing® assures the suitability of the product for certified organic crop production.


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